Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tuesday, exercise feels good!


I am happy to report that after posting my blog on Monday night I did actually go for a walk...a good one. I also walked tonight. I can take this little loop around the neighborhood that allows me to stay pretty close to home at all times. This is handy in case I need to use the facilities (an even bigger issue since the pregnancy).

I have guesstimated that the loop is about a mile long. During my peak speed walking days over the summer, I could complete the loop in about 15 minutes. It takes me much longer now, but no biggie. Since the pregnancy I try to do the loop four times in a approximately four miles a day. This isn't too much for a seasoned walker like myself.

Still, the walk is MUCH harder than it used to be. I huffed and puffed the whole way. I used to fly through eight laps during the summer while barely breaking a sweat! I know why. My exercise has been sporadic at best. Partly due to the baby, and partly just plain laziness. I am definitely not in the shape I used to be in. I haven't gained an enormous amount of weight, but I have lost a ton of muscle and replaced it with fat. Realistically, there was little chance that I was going to keep up the exercise regimen I had maintained throughout my weight loss. Three hours of hard exercise a day? Nope.

I also have the bad habit of exercising hard, instead of smart. I'm sure I could have achieved the same muscle tone in less time through resistance training etc. I did use hand weights though during my entire step workout each day (an hour long), and I got to be pretty handy with a kettlebell too. I also did lots of core work with my balance ball.

Can pregnant women do abdominal exercises? I would think not. Contracting the abs just doesn't seem like a good idea right now, but I could be wrong. I wouldn't even try until I found out for sure from my doctor.

Anyway, I cancelled my gym membership months ago as a money saving measure. I didn't regret this at all during the summer when the weather was pretty much perfect, but I'm feeling the sting a bit now. The money was going to waste. I have a bug up my butt about the gym here. It's in this beautiful neighborhood, but it's kind of dirty and falling apart. The machines are always broken, and they blare the most awful music that I can't even drown out with my own headphones. Honestly, it got kind of tedious and annoying.

When the baby comes I won't have the free time to go to the gym anyways. My boyfriend is generally gone 12-14 hours each day. He basically has to come home, eat dinner, sit for a minute, and then go right to bed. I'll just have to figure something else out. I think the baby and I will go for lots of walks, and when the weather is bad I'll have to force myself to exercise at home. There is nothing quite like a walk outside, it almost doesn't even seem like exercise to me.

So, to sum up a bit, I walked approximately four miles yesterday, and then again today. Exercise is what worked for me before and allowed me to lose so much weight. It seems to act as a natural appetite suppressant and mood elevator. I just plain don't want to muck it up by eating crap after an exercise session. Tonight was a good example. I was having some pretty powerful cravings before my walk. I promised myself that I would do one lap before deciding to eat anything else. Well, once I did the one lap I felt more in control, not great, but definitely better. I just pushed through the next three laps. It was tough, and I was tired the whole way, but i feel like I accomplished something over the past two days.

As for today's eating...decidedly better. Exercise comes easier to me...the eating is another matter entirely. But, like I mentioned above, the exercise slowly leads to better food choices. I keep thinking: "Slow and steady." I ate around 2,200 cals, and the salt was within a half way healthy range (finally). I didn't eat a single vegetable though, and I was low on my water intake, I'll work on that tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, I am trying to resist the urge to eat what I want based on the fact that it's New Year's eve. I'm not even doing anything out of the ordinary tomorrow. It would just be an excuse to eat. I'd love to bring in the New Year by having a healthy day. I am making a thin crust whole wheat pizza from scratch for my boyfriend. There isn't a bit of white flour or added salt. The sauce is even sodium free. Also, he doesn't want cheese on it. Very healthy sounding right? Well, I do have a chip on my shoulder when it comes to pizza.

I am happy to make it for him, but I didn't even plan on trying it. How immature is that? To me, the recipe sounds like whole wheat bread with tomato sauce...not pizza. I will readjust my attitude and at least TRY it. No cheese though eh? Oh well.

Ok, a VERY Happy New Year to anyone who reads this!



jinxxxygirl said...

I'm so glad you've started walking Angie! I think it is so good for you and the baby. Whole wheat crust pizza sounds like it might be good but i would have to put cheese and maybe some veggies on it like peppers and onions etc... How about low fat cheese??Doesn't melt as nice as the 'real' stuff but still better than no cheese.
I ran two very hilly miles without stopping yesterday. That course kicks my butt, but in a good way. Then i turned around and walked the same two miles for a total of 4. I don't know about the crunches and being pregnant. But i do know you can run and be pregnant. I would ask your doc because if you had a chance to build your stomach muscles before the delivery i would think that would be a good thing.But i don't want to tell you wrong. You could probably just make a quick phone call to his office and get your answer. Well girl better go. Its my day off and a million things to do. Need to lift weights and crunches etc.... at some point. Jinx

Angie said...

Hey Jinx,

I didn't make the pizza yet, but for sure will tomorrow. My significant other is anti-cheese. I love the stuff! :0) I think I'm going to sprinkle a little grated parmesean on my portion. As far as cheese goes it's not too bad because a little goes a long way.

I can't believe how thin you are looking. The last set of pictures on your blog were amazing. It sounds like your in the zone, in a good and healthy way. It's gotta be those hilly miles you've been running.