Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Transition Day

Today was not a total bust. As an on track day I would give it a half hearted "Meh". As a transition day towards getting back on track, I would give myself a wavering thumbs up...especially considering that my head has felt like it was splitting open for the better part of the day. Since this blog is mostly for myself I will go ahead and whine all I want...ouch...ouch...ouch! I had a continuous headache for two weeks. It went away for a few days, and has come back. I know it is probably hormones. I told the doc about it and she said: "Well, you are pregnant." Well, duh.

I have permission to take a ONE time only dose of three ibuprofen. That medication is usually off limits during pregnancy as it decreases amniotic fluid. I'm not going to risk it though just in case. I even went completely off of caffeine a month and a half ago after reading that a study suggested that more than 200 mg per day could increase the risk of miscarriage. Overly cautious or not, I figure why risk it. I had been right at 200 mg of caffeine daily for years. I really don't miss it all that much, just occasionally. This was a very pleasant surprise.

Back to the food. I ate the cheesy vegetable lasagna. It was a bit triggery and I definitely wanted the other one that was sitting in the freezer. It wasn't horrible though, and I only ate the one. I should mention they are small, and about 350 cals. Later I ate too much cup o' noodles...two cups. The calories were within range, but I blew my sodium intake out of the water, which is what I am trying so hard to avoid. It may be contributing to my headaches, although my blood pressure has been great.

The excess calories came later. I ate cereal and french fries tonight after hitting my allowed calories for the day. Oh crap, I also had a peppermint patty that was in the cupboard. All told, I had approximately 2,200 calories today. This is an improvement, but if I keep it up I will gain more weight. Tomorrow I will do a bit better. If I hit 2,000 cals I won't be disappointed.

I should also mention that I didn't get any formal exercise today. That makes what I ate worse. I just felt physically awful all day. Besides the headache I am just very tired and queasy. I can handle the fatigue and queasiness, but throw in a headache (a bad one) and I'm knocked on my ass.

I did, however, watch Anne of Green Gables, The continuing story. I was a little sad when it was over because that's the last movie in the series. If I have a little girl we will definitely read the books.

So, for tomorrow...1,800-2,000 cals. I will try to cool it on the salt. The cups o' noodles are all gone so this should be a little easier. I need to get some shopping and chores done so I will be moving around a decent amount. What other exercise I do may well be influenced by how badly my head hurts, hopefully not at all. I would love to sit down and brainstorm on how I can add more variety to my diet. I have a habit of eating the same thing over and over again until I get sick of it. Then, I move on to the next thing and repeat the cycle. My partner (hi honey) is a big opponent of this mono eating behavior (as he has coined it). ;0) Sometimes mono eating works for me, but I can admit when I need a little variety.

Three important criteria are that the food be simple, healthy, and cheap. I also want it to be tasty. My well of creativity seems to be a bit dry right now. It's just so easy to heat up a can of Healthy Choice chicken noodle soup, but that gets boring.



jinxxxygirl said...

When i'm on target i eat the same things most days with a little variety. My variety comes at supper time. I usually eat the same breakfast and the same lunch with a little change now and then when i get bored but still stay with in the same calorie count. I eat about 360 for breakfast usually a 100 cal morning snack and a 450 cal lunch and eat the remaining 600 for supper which varies with what ever we are having. For supper i don't weigh and measure and obsess about every bite but i eat sensibly, no going back for seconds and no dessert except maybe a light, lofat yogurt. Yoplait raspberry cheesecake is unbelieveable for 100 calories. MMMMmmm! I have a rule with myself that i have to drink two 20 ounce bottles of water before i can have any diet soda to drink and if i want a snack after supper it must be fruit or veggie. The only exception would be a slice of toast with a little peanutbutter smeared on it if i just have a killer sweet tooth but then i can only have one slice. My rules keep me in line. LOL! Jinx

Angie said...

Good rules. :0) When I'm on track I follow a very similar pattern as you. It's funny, I feel the most need for variety at dinner too. It seems hardest to accurately count calories at this meal. Toast with a tiny smear of peanut butter is a good idea too...if I can manage not to glob it on!