Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Day

It's about 11:30 pm on New Year's Day, and I am happy to report that the past two days have gone really well. I just finished my four mile walk, and even improved my time. I stayed within a healthy calorie and sodium range on both days. Not the 1,800 I'm working towards, but right around 2,000.

I did skip my walk on New Year's Eve out of plain old exhaustion. I had insomnia again the night before and was dragging all day trying to stay awake. I did however eat a ton of romaine lettuce and and black eyed peas that day (my version of taco salad) and drank lots of water. Veggies and water were two goals I had set the night before, so kudos to myself on that. I also did well today, but the veggies could have been better.

So, like I said, I did well these past two days, but I had to employ a lot of good old fashioned willpower. Today was especially tough. I REALLY wanted to go out to eat, and I'm not talking about a sensible meal out. I basically wanted to stuff my face. I even had a dream about the food I wanted; for crying out loud! My boyfriend was the voice of reason. Although I didn't want to hear it at the time, I was really glad that we didn't end up going, and that I ate healthy to boot. I'll be going out on January 19th for my b-day and not before that, dangit.

I am starting to feel a little less bloated. This is a good sign that my efforts are beginning to pay off. I'll see what happens on January 8th when I have my next doctor's appointment.

I have also been playing around with the idea of having a weigh in day again...just to make sure I stay on track. It might help me stay accountable. Saturday morning's always worked well for me.

I feel like I should post some New Year's Resolutions or something...I have been contemplating the kind of year I'd like to have. Obviously, it'll be a big one with the baby coming.

Here's a few...

1. Moderation...both with food and exercise
2. Become more creative in the kitchen...I'm in a food rut. I need to actively seek out recipes that will taste good without a bunch of added salt (my lifelong nemesis). They still need to be fairly simple though.
3. Keep my mind's gotten just a tad bit mushy since I've been out of school.
4. Extend my creativity to exercise as well. This is an old tune with me...I tend to like what I like, and then get pretty stubborn when it comes to trying new things.
5. Do my best to be a good mom.

That's about it for now, Happy New Year!



angienicholas said...

hi angie glade the eating has been going well can't say the same for me but am going back home this afternoon and am working on detoxing everything out of my system. you will be a great mom sounds like u have some reasonable goals to work towrds.thank you for ur support it has always meant a lot to have it

zurplemoon said...

you'll be a great mom
try is fab
great goals