Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas and a New Year

First of all, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year to anyone who might read this. Eventhough I have been focused on all things baby, and maybe partly because of that, I have been thinking about the kind of year I'd like 2009 to be. Well, I keep gaining weight and I would love for that to stop this instant. I'm around 220 lbs. now. Realistically, I will be eating pretty much what I want today. It is Christmas and I don't feel the need to take this liberty away from myself, but I would love to reincorporate healthy changes into my daily routine starting December 26th. I know how it sounds...I'll start tomorrow, wow.

I do have some concrete goals though...

1. Not to eat out again until January 19th (my birthday). This has to do with health, but also saving money.

2. Exercise moderately (usually walking) for one hour each and every excuses if there is snow on the ground. I have weights and an exercise bike. I can also do pregnancy yoga etc.

3. To stop the 2-3 day cycle. My tendency is to do well for 2-3 days, and then muck up the rest of the week.

4. My standing goal is to eat 1,800 healthy calories per day (obgyn's instructions).

Speaking of my obgyn, I got a heck of a lecture at my last appointment. I gained 5 lbs. in about five weeks...ouch. She didn't let it go either. She told me to stop eating chips when I suggested it might be water retention. I informed her that I don't eat chips, just a lot of other salty foods (I was desperate) and the look she gave me clearly stated that she thought I was completely full of crap. Well, I was full of crap food, but I wasn't lying about the chips.

I don't relish the thought of seeing her again even heavier...January 8th is my next appointment. I can't actually "diet" so it is what it is. I can accomplish my goals and stop the unnecessary weight gain though. Wish me luck.

I still wonder why the fact that I am having a baby isn't enough to shock me into consistent healthy eating? I am so looking forward to having this child, and I want him/her to be healthy. I know I've said this before, I haven't figured it out yet though. All I can say is that compulsive overeating has had a hold on me for 30 takes time and buckets of patience.

It also strikes me as ridiculous that I should feel motivated by the fact that my doctor is slightly scary. What am I, 12-years-old? LOL.

Sunday is the first day of my second trimester. From what I have read, some of my symptoms "might" begin to ease up. That would be great to feel less queasy and exhausted. Strange thing though was that I actually threw up for the first time this morning (sorry, gross). I have good days and bad days, it's all just part of the process I suppose.

I have calmed down A LOT since finding out about the baby on November 1st though. Reading helps..."Your baby's first year" by the American Academy of Pediatrics has a ton of practical information. I'm also starting to visualize how the baby will fit into our 850 square foot apartment. I think arrangeing the baby's things to fit will be like a game of Tetris. I was really good at that game. :0)

I'm thinking of posting my daily food intake and calories on this blog. I don't want to make it an official goal yet, but it might help. So, here's to a great New Year.

Happy Holidays,



Karla said...

Merry Christmas! and Happy New Year!

Sheree Rensel said...

Hey Angie!
I told you I would drop by. It is just fine to concentrate on BABY. This is a good thing.

Have a terrific holiday season and take care of yourself (and baby).


angienicholas said...

Oh my god Angie I am so happy dor you. congratulations. You should though be eating way more calories then 1800 unless other wise told by your Dr. If you have any questions please ask. I am so happy I found you. I have missed you and was wondering what has happened to you. Take care of yourself and your baby. you two are what are important right now. I will be following along with your blog. keep in touch us Angie's have to stick together. hugs and happy holidays Angie

jinxxxygirl said...

Angie!!!!! i just realized you've been blogging! I have like three to read! Yeah! I'm so happy you and the baby are doing well. Have you started showing yet??? I think maybe when you do that might shock you into eating healthier. You think? Maybe it won't really sink in until then. I gained 50 pounds with my daughter 22 years ago. I would not reccommend it. LOL! About half came off with delivery and unfortunately the scale kept creeping up after that. Your lifestyle changes so much with a baby. Its difficult (but not impossible) to be active. Well girl i got more of your posts to read before work! Bye for now! Jinx

Angie said...

I kind of think I may be showing a bit. I have so much belly weight it's hard to tell, but both Tony and I have noticed that my stomach is sticking out in a noticeably different way.

What to expect when your expecting said now might be the time that the pregnancy starts to show. I think I've got a while yet before I'm sure.