Saturday, December 27, 2008

Saturday Night Rundown

Today was almost like a typical Saturday, except that I did not eat out at a restaurant, which was in line with one of my goals, and I didn't gorge myself on sweets. Unfortunately that had become a Saturday staple. I did however have a big cookie around 1 pm. I didn't obey the cardinal rule of healthy eating. I skipped breakfast and had been shopping for a very long time. I let myself get way too hungry. Usually I'm very good about not missing breakfast, but I was in a hurry this morning...blah, blah, blah.

My food choices throughout the day were in no way exceptionally healthy...maybe not even healthy, but I think the cals were in the 2,000-2,500 range. Not great, but not a binge either. I could have done without the cookie. I also had some dried pineapple and yogurt raisins...not too bad. In the evening I had a cherry tootsie pop while watching The Sound of Music. As for actual food...I ate two ham, cheddar, and egg sandwiches on whole wheat toast. One for lunch, and another for dinner. I think I get bonus points for the whole wheat right? Maybe not. I only used the tiniest spray of olive oil in the pan so the food wouldn't butter or anything on the toast. I ate about 10 small mushrooms today, and a fat free yoplait yogurt...blackberry. I think that's it. I had only bought a small amount of cheese because I am a notorious cheese addict, and it's just best that I don't have it too often. Also, too much dairy gives me a stomach ache. I'm probably forgetting something. Most certainly I am.

I'd like to not have any more sweets until maybe next Saturday. I might allow a cookie, or piece of candy then. I don't know yet. Exercise included walking around the various stores and putting away lots of groceries. I was running around all day though.

I need to continue getting things sqared away tomorrow...housework etc. It should be a pretty straightforward day with no big deviations to my schedule. That usually helps. I should mention that my partner has had the entire week off, and we have a giant knack for sitting around together frittering away time. It can get too easy to be laaaaazy. Monday it's back to business as usual, and the holidays are basically over. I don't have any special plans for New Years, and that's just fine with me. :0)



Sparky said...

Sounds like you are taking great care of yourself and being careful with your nutrition. Thats more than I can say that I did with my 2 pregnancies. Way to go lady!

Angie said...

Thanks Sparky. I'm trying!