Monday, December 29, 2008

Sunday Recap

Well, it's after midnight on Sunday night. I should be in bed, but I'm finding that I enjoy ending my day with these posts. I was soooo sick today. I threw up for the second time this morning. Why now all of a sudden? Today was finally the first day of my second trimester (week 14). This is supposed to be the time when the pregnancy symptoms ease up a bit, not get worse. I was basically unplugged all day long. My energy was nonexistent. So, when I was finally able to eat I was STARVING. Not good.

I did pretty well considering though, except that my sodium intake was outrageous. I'm very bloated, and I know if I could just cool it on the salt I'd feel much better. I'm like a water balloon right now.

The thing with "good" tasting frozen food is that although some of it may be reasonable on the calories, the salt is through the roof. A perfect example is the Marie Calender's frozen turkey dinner I ate today. It only has 350 calories, but about 1,400 mgs of sodium. I also ate a cup of noodles...they keep mysteriously appearing in the cupboard...almost 2,000 mgs of sodium! I shouldn't be having more than 2,400 mgs of sodium daily, and even that's too much for me. My body just holds onto the water like crazy. That wasn't all though. Another meal had around 350 cals, but another 800 mgs of sodium. Jesus, I probably had 6,000 mgs of sodium before the day was done, yet I stayed within my calorie range. This just isn't going to work.

I feel like saying it's not fair, but that would clearly be whining. Still, I wish I could eat this stuff without getting all the damn salt that bloats me up like the stay puft marshmallow woman. I know I can do maybe one salty meal each day. My most realistic bet would probably be to save it for dinner. Oi.

On a positive note, it only takes a few days of being careful with the salt before my body releases a lot of water weight. I think I need to plan my meals for tomorrow. I'll do it right now. Ok...

frosted shredded wheat...2 servings (I find that fills me up)
soy milk...2 cups
calories= 620

yoplait yogurt
calories= 100

healthy choice chicken noodle soup
romaine salad with baby carrots and light dressing
calories= 350

fat free cottage cheese
calories= 200

I'm thinking approximately 600 cals, which would put me around 1,870 cals. That would be an improvement. This is the tough meal. My boyfriend tends to eat different food than I do. I rarely eat what I make him for dinner (his food tends to be extremely healthy, and bean laden). I fully support him in this...I just can't eat that many beans.

I'm kind of at a loss. I can think of appealing things, but then I'd be way over on the dang salt again. Ok, I might have a spicy chipotle black eyed pea dish I made and froze in single servings. It actually tastes really good, and has zero added sodium. I wish I knew of more recipes that tasted good without the salt. I put this over lettuce and add a little salsa...hoila, healthy taco salad.

Tomorrow's food should put me right around 2,400 mgs of sodium. I can deal with that. Jeese do I babble or what? Like I said before, stream of consciousness.

Time to get thee to bed.



angienicholas said...

glade that your trying to eat healthy. warning about the symptons for pregnancy some will come back but around the third trimester. you will feel like you did at the beginning near the end. I will also be glade to get back home again. I am so ready to eat healthy again. thanks for stopping by. I am so glade that I found you I love reading your blog. and you can babble all you want to. happy new year to you as well. Angie

Angie said...

Thanks Angie! I've heard about the symptoms coming back at the third trimester. I wonder if mine will ease up enough to give me a break during the second trimester though. :0)

I'm soo glad I found your blog too!