Saturday, January 3, 2009


Holy crap, am I glad to be home! It's about 12:30 on Friday night, and I just finished my nightly walk (happy to be able to say it's becoming a "nightly" event again) and it was a doosie. There is a bit of uphill walking involved here and there and I had to stop several times to catch my breath. I also encountered a large loose dog, ends up the owner just lets the dog loose to go and do his business (a long standing pet peeve with me).

As usual, it felt good to get it done. What would I do without NPR and Rhapsody? By the way, I think Rhapsody is 100 times better than iTunes. For something like $15.00 per month I can download all the music I could ever want onto my tiny little device (the Sandisk). I can clip it onto my scarf or collar, very convenient. The really cool thing is that it also has an FM radio tuner. I am a huge fan of public radio, so this is perfect. Sometimes just listening to prerecorded music can get a little cold, I like to hear the dj's and radio hosts talk.

Food was good today. I finally made the whole wheat thin crust pizza, and it was pretty darn good if I may say so myself. It's a little time consuming, but a very reasonable alternative to fattening gooey traditional pizza. I may post a couple recipes at some point. This one is worth the effort. The rest of my meals were on target both with portion size and sodium...I did eat too much peanut butter though. I think I had two servings, and that stuff is just chocked full of calories. But, like the frozen crap that was clogging up my freezer, the peanut butter is no more.

I keep transitioning to more and more reasonable behavior, which is the goal. My instincts still scream for me to engage in hardcore dieting behavior now and again, but thankfully that isn't an option for me anymore. It's actually a relief. I feel pretty good. However, I have the sinking suspicion that I gained weight over the holidays. This is going to earn me a good reaming at the doc's. So be it. I'm doing better now.

The big goal for tomorrow is not to treat it like a "free" Saturday. That behavior was pretty well enforced over the past year or so. It's become a tough habit to break, but while I'm eating approximately 2,000 calories a day I just can't indulge like I used to. I've been making good progress, and I can't afford anymore water retention right now. I think I'll use the bit of momentum I've gathered over the past few days to get through the day on track.

A great Saturday to all,



jinxxxygirl said...

Happy New Year Angie!

I'm so happy to hear you are doing well. Keeping up your walking and getting eating under control. Think baby steps. You will do it! I'm still hanging out at 180. I think i'm still over eating though. Just a little here and there enough to keep me maintaing and not losing. Thats okay its gonna take a little bit to wean myself off the holidays. I use an ipod shuffle when i run. Its a clip on too and i LOVE it. I use itunes. My hubby will buy me a $30 gift card and i have a blast buying new songs. I may have to check out Rhapsody though. Well girl take care of you and that baby. Any names picked out yet??? LOL! Jinx

zurplemoon said...

ha. i found you.
i think i need to check out rhapsody.
it sounds like you are doing well.
yeah .
drop me a line.

Sparky said...

Very inspirational! IF you can do it so can I! :)

Angie said...

Hi will be back on it 100% really soon. I think weening yourself back to your pre holiday routine is the right approach. You always take a smart and moderate route. Just be gentle with yourself. As for baby names, Tony likes Helen if it's a girl. I always dreamed of naming my little girl Emily. I'm willing to compromise though. Boy names are tougher...we are in total disagreement. I like Ethan...Tony likes Thomas. We'll see. :0)

Hi Zurple, I'm happy you found the blog. I got your New Year's message...thanks! I seem to be liking this whole blog thing.

Thanks Sparky! Although I've been a slacker the past four days. We can both do this though. :0)