Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Crazy Sweet Tooth

Hi all,

I just came back from my walk and it was a good one. As long as I don't skip any nights (which I still do sometimes) my time seems to improve a little each day. I walked the four miles in just barely over an hour, and I was pleased with that, considering my huffing and puffing.

My food and water were both great today. My sodium was nice and low too. For lunch I ate a fresh sliced red bell pepper, hummus, wheat crackers, and an apple. It didn't "sound" good while I was making it, but once I started to eat it was delicious. I think that veggies seem more gross than they actually are. Like, I may not crave them right now, but after the first bite I remember that I actually like them. I had romaine lettuce and my sodium free black eyed pea recipe for dinner, and another apple. I ate a ton of cherries this morning. My boyfriend happened upon an unusually good sale the other day and bought them for me.

I have been hitting the fruit pretty hard the past few days. I know this is because I am craving sweets like a crazy person. My cravings are so intense at times that I think I won't be able to take it. I want candy etc. So, I'm eating extra fruit and it seems to be helping. There was a time when I would only allow myself one fruit per day, now doesn't seem to be the time for that!

So, all in all a very good day. I was pretty sick this morning an afternoon though. My headache has been pretty bad. Fortunately, I have felt good for the past few hours. I hope the headache stays away. It's late, but I'm about to fill out the necessary forms for registering for my hospital stay when I have the baby. I've been procrastinating, and now it's time to just get it done already. :0)



zurplemoon said...

try honey and cinnamon it help me with sugar cravings. honey is good for you.

hello sprout.
hope the head ache stays away.

jinxxxygirl said...

Fruit helps me immensely with my sweet cravings. I don't limit my self on fruit and veggies. It just seems ridiculous to me to have a limit on fruit and veggies. I know they have calories like everything else but they are one thing i refuse to feel guilty about. I figure if i have the munchies and i grab and apple thats way better than what i want to grab...aka ...a candy bar! LOve, Deb

Sparky said...

Boy, there sure is a lot of paperwork to be done in your medical world! You are doing so great with your eating. Keep it up!

Sparky said...

How' it going little momma? :)

jinxxxygirl said...

HEllo??? Angie???? Where are you????Missing you! Is everything okay? JInx!

angienicholas said...

hope your well am back to posting here on blogger let us know how things are going.

angienicholas said...

hey how's it going just checking in.