Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Pregnant Lady Doing Lunges...

Um, no, not me (the pregnant lady doing lunges I mean, as my title might suggest). I was walking to the bus stop, on my way to get my thyroid re screened (I have to do this every six weeks now) when I noticed an extremely pregnant woman doing rapid lunges as I walked past my old gym. Wow, did I feel like a slacker! In my defense, I have never been able to do a lunge without excruciating knee pain, not even at my most fit, but jeese louise. Good for her, wow.

Today I was asked about my workout routine during pregnancy. I'm super thrilled when I get my four mile walk in. I think that counts as a routine?

So, the past four days have been "ok". I am going through a major bout of insomnia again. It seems to always be there lately, with occasional flare ups. It is going pretty much full force right now. I may sleep a few hours during the night. I then try to stay awake during the day in hopes of getting a good night's sleep, but I always pass out sometime around early afternoon for a couple hours or so. The result is that I have huge bags under my eyes, a headache, and I can't concentrate on anything.

I've also been a little weepy. Today I was listening to a recorded Christmas story by Stuart Mclean (he is hilarious), I love those wacky Canadians, and I basically started to sob over this story. The story was funny, but at the end this husband wraps the family's pear tree in red lights as a gift for his wife. She wakes up in the middle of the night with a red ribbon tied around her wrist that leads to the tree. You probably just need to listen to the story for yourself, but the ending was very sweet. Nothing to get all weepy over though.

Anywhoo, Saturday's eating was ok calorie wise, although I had two .99 chicken sandwiches from Wendy's out of desperation. I hadn't eaten all day because of a general sick and crappy feeling, only to be ravenous that evening. Bad, but I just didn't want anything at home. I skipped the walk too, but did lots of shopping, which I say counts as exercise.

Sunday I ate healthy food, but too much of it. I did housework, but skipped my walk.

Monday I ate way too much cheese and bread. I bought the cheese and bread in the hopes of adding some variety to my diet. I tried to dole it out like a healthy eater, but I see I'm not there yet. I am soooo not there. The wheat bread and cheddar are gone, good riddance. I did do my walk on Monday night though. It felt nice.

Today the food was very healthy. I think I ate too much cereal though (shredded wheat, yum). I think I wanted the sweet. I've been like a walking zombie all day from lack of sleep, and skipped my walk. I really should have gone though.

I'm shooting for an on track day tomorrow both with food and exercise. I'm about to try and get some sleep as soon as I post this. I think the trick is to clear my mind. Simple concept, yet tougher than it seems.



Sparky said...

Stewart MacLean is hilarious! We went to see him in concert one time. I don't know how he keeps coming up with stories.

Pregnant lady doing lunges. That is hard core.

4 miles a day is awesome! Don't discount it at all!

zurplemoon said...

4 miles is fabulous.

i'm a lazy butt and 1 mile would count for me. i counted jumping on my ball for a hour. so there you have it.

lunges are crazy and being prego too much. have you checked out they had an ab video and i thought of you.

i'm also a bread and cheese hoe. i put mine in the freezer. somehow i forget about it over time.

hello sprout it's your antie zurple. i bet your getting big.

Angie said...

Sparky: I would love to see Mr. Maclean in concert.That must have been so much fun. I just happened upon him when listening to NPR, and downloaded Vinyl Christmas Cafe straight away...they played Dave Cooks The Turkey. I almost peed myself. :0)

Thanks on the four miles...I'm pretty happy with it. I just keep getting advice about weights that I know I should take. One thing at a time though I suppose.

Aunty Zurple: Your right, one mile does count! Oh, I miss my exercise ball. I used to do back bends on it all the time for relaxation and fun. My back has been killing me, and I'd love to stretch it out on the ball, but no dice. What To Expect While Your Expecting says my sprout should be about the size of an apple now...a big apple though.

jinxxxygirl said...


I love the picture you posted. You look good girl! Is that a recent photo??? I don't remember seeing that photo before. Your doing awesome! You know what helps me get through a tough day? That phrase from Mandy....Choosing2Lose.....found out it also comes from Yoda...LOL.... " Do or Do Not...there is no Try. Sometimes that helps me get back on track if i'm straying.
Keep up your walking, get some sleep! Need to sit down and write you a long message and catch up with you! Take care Jinx

Angie said...


I watched Mandy's video (the one you suggested)...the there is no try one. Good point, a little tough to hear when floundering, but very sound advice. I can see how that attitude would help. I used to tell myself to "just do it" all the time. I still do that, but addmittedly not as often.