Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Long Time No Post :0)

Sorry for the extended absence. I'm not disappearing again though. I can see not taking the time to shoot and upload videos, but blogging a few sentences is just too darn easy. No excuses.

First, good news...I went to the OBGYN last Thursday and found out that I only gained one pound. Considering that was for the entire Christmas season, I was very pleased. My doctor actually cracked a smile too and gave me a high five...LOL. Also, I was scheduled for my 20 week ultrasound on February 11th, where I will find out the sex of the baby! I was able to hear the baby's heartbeat again on Thursday. It was 160 bpm, and the doc said once again that it sounds like a girl. I LOVE hearing the baby's heartbeat. I float along for the rest of the day, and I wish I could hear it everyday.

Since my last post I have been doing pretty well. My boyfriend and I have started the daunting task of downsizing, to be followed by rearranging, and finally purchasing things that the baby will need. Downsizing is a pretty tough first step, as it involves clearing out a storage unit, selling and shipping some things, donating others, and throwing out the rest. We are trying to get rid of the storage unit all together because it's $100.00 a month down the drain. The furniture in the apartment needs to be rearranged, and the back den/exercise room will be a bedroom. Our small indoor/outdoor closets will just have to do. We are thinking of adding some kind of storage wall unit, but they are all pretty pricey. Still, it would pay for itself in about a year. Sheesh. I guess this is nesting?

All of this activity is pretty exhausting to a headachey insomniac like myself. On a positive note, my boyfriend bought me this awesome looking pregnancy pillow. It is shaped like a giant rectangle. The woman lies in the empty center and it is supposed to cradle the entire body. I'm not all that pregnant yet, but my hips are sore from trying to make sure I sleep on my side. Plus, my stomach was big to begin with, and is looking much rounder these days. I would say I am definitely starting to show, especially when I'm looking at my naked tummy area in the mirror. :0) So, any extra support and comfort would be much appreciated. It should get here on Monday in time for my b-day.

The walking is good. I did my four miles yesterday and today, plus walks to the store. So, that's about five miles each day. My food today was excellent, yesterday was good, Saturday was lumped all into one meal (never a good idea). All in all, I'm doin ok. I have been listening to more Stuart McLean stories during my walks, and I was laughing so hard today that I was crying. I love comedy, but it is often times pretty raunchy, which doesn't bother me too much. I will still enjoy it, but it's nice that this stuff is so hilarious and pretty PG.

Oh, I had two separate doctor's appointments last week, which contributed to my silence. They are morning appointments. After sleepless nights, and getting to and from on the bus, I was pretty wiped out. I found out my thyroid is still under active, so the doc upped my dosage of medication.

Other than that, I have been wrestling with the insurance provider trying to find out definitively which prenatal testing is covered. They literally seem to be unable to tell me with 100% certainty, and I think it's on purpose so more people opt out of it. I have been calling back and forth from labs to the insurance company tracking down procedure codes, tax id numbers, bill charge amounts, and diagnosis codes. It's kind of insane, but one mistake and I'm sent a $1,500 bill for a test that isn't even 100% accurate anyways. What the heck to women do? I've already opted for the less expensive, less accurate quad screen that checks foe genetic abnormalities. There's also a cystic fibrosis test available. I think this one isn't such a bad idea, because if something were detected the pediatrician could prepare, and the child would be treated much sooner. But, if I can't find out for certain that it's covered, I can't risk having the test performed. It's very frustrating. I just want to make the right choices. Medical advances are wonderful, but they can also complicate things.

Well, that concludes my little rant. Just the latest issue. I'll sum up by saying that I'm feeling happy. I'm 16 weeks and 2 days along now, and I'm really starting to feel it.

Take care!



jinxxxygirl said...

HI there pregnant lady! Everything sounds great ! I was fortunate enough to have the military take care of expenses . All but about $400. It is nerve wracking. You want to do what you feel is right but at the same time not go over your head in debt. I understand. I think your doing great and staying on top of things.
I'm down one whole pound! Wahoo!!!!! 179!I hope this means the scale is finally moving again. Went for a two mile hill run and a 2 mile hill walk yesterday after work. Its a loop and i used to not be able to walk the whole thing with out my teenage daughter pulling me up the hills. LOL Now not only can i run the whole thing but go around the second time walking it!Persistence!!!!!!

zurplemoon said...

you could save a few bucks and just have sprout in the bath tub. lol
you sound good in your posts.
you're going to be a great mom
and zurple makes for a great name for a boy or a girl. the b/f would love that one.

glad you found babyfit the sister site is sparkpeople so i thought it would be good

Angie said...

Yay for 179!!! Seeing those new digits is so uplifting.:0)Now that the holidays are over (Valentines and Easter aren't nearly as tough) you will keep on going down in your sure and steady way. I know that feeling, being able to move so much more. I remember when walking around my .5 mile flat block in Michigan seemed like a huge hike, ouch!

Thanks for the vote of confidence on my staying on top of things. Those prenatal screens are tricky, and not even 100% accurate. I decided to stop fretting over it.

Bath tub eh? Well, I do love a warm bath! I could use one of my fruit scented fizzies. Seriously, if the hospital had a water birth option I woukd so do it. I really feel comfortable in the water, I think it's the weightlessness. I will take Zurple as a baby name under consideration, but I think it's gonna be Helen Antigone or Thomas. :0)