Thursday, March 12, 2009

I Didn't Binge

I wrote that whole dramatic post on Tuesday morning about not wanting to binge after my appointment, and I never said whether or not I binged. Well, I did not binge. I ate hearty for sure, healthy on plan foods. I feel proud of that little accomplishment. Yesterday was good as well. Today is tough. I woke up craving blueberry muffins and bacon. No way in hell I'm gonna go and buy blueberry muffins and bacon...the thoughts are there though. Is that pregnancy, compulsive overeating, or both? LOL.



angienicholas said...

I just noticed the baby picture and the name this means your having a girl? you look so good. It is tough being pregnant and wanting to eat right. it could be both the pregnancy and just over eating. you'll get there keep going thanks for checking in with me I am doing OK struggling a little but will get it back Angie

angienicholas said...

ps if we have a girl next time round we are naming her Helen that was my mother n laws name my husband promised his mom our first girl would be named after her it's a beautiful name.

jinxxxygirl said...

I think its life. I've come to the conclusion that things really don't change. We just get stronger, more discplined. The desire for those bad foods and the desire to be a couch potato are still there. After a year i guess i can conclude they will never go away. But now i'am in control. For now. Who knows how long it will last. But i'm in a good place now. I need to be in the moment if you know what i mean. Not dwell on the past nor worry about the future. Just the here and now. Be good girl! Jinx!

Angie said...

To Angie:

Thanks, I really like the namer Helen now. It had to grow on me. I'm glad you are ok and keep on trying. That's wehat I'm gonna do. :0)

Jinx: I'm also thinking the tendency to want to eat excessively may never go completely away. It can be disheartenining at times, but I make myself remember how much easier it gets after some consistency. It almost seems like a distant memory now, those hardcore days of mine, but now I know I have it in me at least. I'm being pretty good by the way. :0)