Monday, March 23, 2009

Gettin Stuff Done

Hi to Jinx and Sparky...thanks for the comments. In response to Jinxy's comment: I'm 26 weeks and one day along now. The contractions are still going strong. The doc knows my walking routine and doesn't seem concerned, but then again, she seems like the type that thinks all pregnant women exaggerate their aches and pains. Honestly though, I have been lazy as heck in terms of formal exercise. The pain is all too good of an excuse. It's hard to know where to draw the line, but I think asking her whether or not I should be taking the walks is probably a good idea. I think the bottom line in her opinion is that I don't gain too much weight.

I'm still working with my OA sponsor which is nice. It's like touching base with sanity (in terms of food) on a daily basis. It also helps to know that no matter how far off the deep end I've gone, someone else out there has been there and done that. I'm not alone.

My very early morning conversations with her weren't working time wise. I was interrupting my sleep and walking around like a zombie all day. For my whole life, no matter how hard I try, I have not been a morning person. I can and have done it, but am never at my best. I thought that I might have to stop the calls, and my sponsor pointed out to me that I was doing something that was very common to compulsive overeaters, and all people with compulsions for that matter. I was catastrophising the situation. Like it had to be all or nothing, and I immediately assumed the worst case scenario (ending my relationship with her). She kind of laughed in a nice way and said: "How about just asking me to change our call time?"
It was simple as that, and now we talk at 8 pm every evening instead of 6:45 am.

In other news, my fiance (I should be calling him that now, since our wedding will most likely take place in May) just got his new car, which has freed up the other car for me to use, which will soon be replaced with a Yaris of my very own! Wheels at last, and I have to admit I'm excited. I can't say I love the bus, even in this area, it's still the bus. It will be very nice to be able to drive to my doctor's appointments and do other errands etc., especially now that I'm starting to feel like a beach ball with legs.

In case anyone wonders, we are having a very simple service in front of a judge, just the two of us. There are far more important things to spend money on right now. Still, I am a girl...maybe we'll renew our vows in a decade or something. As for a honeymoon, we will probably just drive somewhere pretty and stay overnight. I said I don't care where as long as there is a jacuzzi tub in the room for me to soak in. That would be vacation enough in my opinion. :0)

That's pretty much all the news for now. I am going to try and take a little walk, and then hit the hay.



jinxxxygirl said...

Thanks so much for the update Ang.You know its not just compulsive overeaters that have that all or nothing attitude.......I would say any diet attempt i made in the past was like that. I'm more forgiving of myself this time and its working . But at the same time i'm more demanding. I demand i get back on the wagon the next day.
I've been married twice. Both times in front of the judge. One in English the other in i guess you'd call it Danish? First one lasted a year. The second one? We are celebrating our 20th Anniv this June!

Angie said...

That's so sweet (your upcoming anniversary!) Twenty years is a major milestone.
I remember when I had a better grasp on all of this healthy living stuff, enjoying the demands I placed on myself. As long as they were realistic I always felt a strong sense of accomplishment and pride. That's a nice way to live.