Tuesday, September 8, 2009

End of week one results...

Hi all,

I have finished out my first week and Monday's weight was 263 lbs...that is a 5 lb. loss for the week. I am very pleased with that. It's nice to be moving in the right direction.

I ended up eating plain old food all weekend, but I was able to keep it in check. The five days of shakes helped with that. I could have done better...but progress not perfection, as they say.

Tony, Helen, and I went to a cider mill on Saturday. It was nice, There were lots of farm animals. Tony tried to show Helen a goat, but she was more interested in napping. The ducks were especially cute. Later that day we saw a rainbow! My first one since moving to Washington. I'll try to post some pics from Saturday.

Anyway, about the weekend...it feels like a punishment not eating on the weekends. It just didn't feel right. My goal is to get to a place where eating doesn't mean indulging though. I did have an apple fritter on Saturday. Yeah, it was warm and the cider mill is supposedly famous for them. Not an excuse, I know. It was good. I also had some really good blackberry cider. I could have really gone nuts after thast, but I didn't. So, good for me.

I remember when a big weekend treat (at the peak of my weight loss) was a turkey/veggie sandwich on whole grain bread and a tea with cream from Tim Horton's, followed by a hike as a reward...lol. Wow. I'll get back to that feeling some day.

So, five pounds down, and a little less crazy in the head when it comes to food. I hope everyone is doing well. I meant to post yesterday, but the day got away from me. Better a little late than never.

Plan for the week...shakes through Friday, followed by sensible eating on Saturday and Sunday. I'd like to get through the weekend without eating any sweets. AS for exercise...two one mile loops around the neighborhood daily instead of last week's one...very doable.

Take care, and see you next Monday,



zurplemoon said...

yay for 5 pounds
sounds like you're doing great. your plan sounds tad extreme but doable. (remember me the non extreme)

be good to you and the rest falls into place.

sending hugs to you

angie said...

awesome loss. if you can get back on track then so can I I will try harder this week and get back on track thanks for posting these Angie

jinxxxygirl said...

I'm so proud of you Angie! Look at you! Your making it happen! You go girl! Love ya much Angie. I think you've set all great goals. Doable goals. And you will get to where you want to be. I know it! Be checking in on ya! Jinx!

Sparky said...

I think this is a good plan. Week days on shakes, weekends off. I bet that will work well.

Good job lady!

Sparky said...

Hi :)

zurplemoon said...

ok you ran away. so sad. come back

Sparky said...

come back little sister. we all struggle but we are here for each other!!!

Sparky said...

Just saying hi! :)