Monday, May 18, 2009

Plugging along

Not much to report here, but I thought I'd check in. I'm doing pretty well...I've started setting up little Helen's nursery, and I have an overwhelming urge to throw things away and organize...seriously, it's getting out of hand. Problem is, I can't lift heavy things myself anymore, so I have to wait for opportune times to hit Tony up for a little help. On that note, he put the crib together on Saturday. wasn't too bad except for a little snafu with a screw that wouldn't go in all the set us back about 45 minutes! I think it took longer to unpack the thing than to put it together. It's a beautiful white convertible crib though...very sturdy.

One of Tony's co workers sent over a big box a baby clothes...all girl stuff (and nice). He and his wife are due in September, and all her friends gave her girl things...they just found out they are having a boy. They are the first hand me downs I've received...I don't know, I got a little emotional. I'm such a dork, but it was nice that he thought of us.

A cool thing happened about 4am last night...I was lying in bed trying to get comfortable (as usual) and Helen was moving around like crazy. So, I turned on my back for just a sec to take pressure of of my poor hip when I thought I saw some movement. I shined a light on my stomach, and I had my first alien baby experience. I could totally see Helen moving around from the outside! I had been waiting for that to happen. With the extra padding I think it took longer for me to experience this. Wow, it was really, really neat.

Anyway, class was good tonight, we swaddled dolls, and listened to a live recording of a baby crying for a couple minutes to get a feel for it. A couple minutes I can handle, I'm more worried about her being colicky and crying for a couple hours. My last class is June 1st ( we skip Memorial Day). I'm a little sad to see it end actually. Sorry guys, like I said, I've got a one track mind right now.

Food has been a bit better...organized exercise (other than housework etc.)is practically nonexistent. I guess I should at least do a little. I feel so darn tired and lazy. I planned on sucking it up and going for a short walk tonight, but it's pouring out. I guess I could get the umbrella...the enthusiasm for physical fitness must be oozing off of the computer screen right now?

Well, please send some non lazy thoughts my way. I could use them. Hope you are all well.



zurplemoon said...

yay on baby clothes.
every time i see a pregnant person i think of you and massaging those poor hips.
we had prenatal massage so i'm ready for you.
enjoy this time. & know i'm with you in spirit.

love ya

Sparky said...

Glad things are going well! :)

jinxxxygirl said...

Savor every moment of this journey. I was so stressed out during my pregnancy i didn't take any time to just 'be in the moment'. Angie if you'd be willing to give me your address i'd LOVE to send you something for the baby. You could send it to When are you do woman??? I wish i could send you some exercise motivation. I did regret not exercising during my pregnancy. I think stronger stomach muscles would have made my life easier. LOL! Be good . Be healthy. Write more soon. Jinx!