Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Third Trimester :0)

I finally hit my third trimester on Sunday...28 weeks and 2 days along as of today. I hear that this trimester is the biggie (literally and figuratively). I'm feeling pretty good. My contractions have tapered off a bit...I don't know why, but I don't mind either. Helen is moving around lots, and I'm tired as usual.

Lots has been going on. I just got a brand new Yaris. It's the cutest car ever! It looks like a little black jelly bean, is extremely economical, and has great reviews. I think it was a very wise decision. Thanks to my fiance for that. It's very nice to be able to drive to appointments etc.

We picked out our wedding rings on Saturday. Also very economical, but perfect for our tastes. Mine is a simple white gold band with little diamond and Sapphire chips. There was an insane sale at Kohl's. They should be ready in less than a month.

I'm meeting with pediatricians now. I had my first meeting today. I really liked the doc, but want to meet with one more at least, just to be sure. I don't want to make the same mistake I made with my obgyn.

Now I just need to work out the details of how one gets married and changes her name. I really don't know how to do this (thank goodness for the Internet). I've been so busy that I haven't gotten around to it yet. We're shooting for sometime around the end of this month, or the beginning of May at the latest. I guess I've been thinking about the honeymoon more than the actual wedding...I'm such a slacker, but that's just because I love to see new places. I think we may stay somewhere in or near the Rainier National Park. I can walk down the street and see Mt. Rainier on a clear day. It's massive from here, but then I found out that the park is like two hours away! I asked my fiance what it must be like when your actually there and he said in all seriousness: "Bigger." Smart ass. :0)

As for fitness...yeah well. Not much to report besides an ever expanding behind. Seriously, I never had a huge butt before, but my shape is different than it was pre pregnancy. I'm all stomach and rear. I am walking more though again. That's always positive.

That's about it for an update. I have bought a few newborn short sleeved onesies (pink and girly of course) but that's about all. I'm getting excited to start setting up Helen's nursery.

I hope you are all well.



Sparky said...

Nice that you can find a Pediatrician that will take you. Here people have a hard time even finding GPs.

I love Yarus's. If my husband wasn't so tall I might have been able to talk him into one :)

jinxxxygirl said...

I'm glad you and Helen are doing well!
HHmmm i've heard of a Yaris but can't picture it.......i'll have to Google it. LOL!
A wedding , a honeymoon, and a baby coming up. You have a busy couple of months coming up girlfriend. :) I'm so happy for you. You sound happy and content.
You'll have to take a pic of your rings and wedding.
I have the next two days off from work and i plan on hopping on the scale and see whats going on. I haven't hopped on in almost a week. Thats a farcry from weighing in everyday that i did for a year. I think i'm just more confident in my ability to live this new life. We'll see......... Catcha later. Jinx!

jinxxxygirl said...

Girl do you realize its been close to a month since we've heard from you. Whats up? Hope everything is alright. Jinx